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Violinist and Composer

Sue Aston 


'From the soft idyllic side of The Final Homecoming to the original and uplifting Celtic sounds of Mazey Dazey, it's easy to see why Cornish Composer and violinist Sue Aston is so vital to the classical and Celtic music scene, both in Cornwall and further afield' Craig Broad





Celtic music with a Classical influence from Cornwall | Sue Aston

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I was also interviewed by John McCarthy (Radio 4 producer, Stephen Garner). The interview was for the programme 'Derek Tangye: The Cornish Gardener' and I discussed the similarities between my life, and that of the author.

Sue Aston Radio 4


Celtic Music from Cornwall


"Sue Aston is an extraordinary violin player and composer who takes us on a journey through one of Britain's most beautiful locations, from the fun filled Cornish celebrations of a midsummer Saturday afternoon in Penzance with Mazey Dazey, to the dramatic Storm Cat, with Mowzer the cat, with Maria Heseltine providing the vocal, attempting to bring forth calm as the veritable tempest brews." Read more reviews


''Sue Aston's music has featured on many television programmes and radio stations, but to me, the one thing which counts above all else is her intimate connection with Cornwall and the Cornish’'. Michael John Chappell