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I am available for commissions to compose original music for your media project wether it is for Film, TV, Theatre or Radio.

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Listen to a small selection of my music, ideal for period and romantic dramas, nature programs and documentaries.

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Diary of a Coastal Composer - Blog

Most of my music writing comes about as a result of going on long walks along our coastal path in West Cornwall. The act of walking creates its own rhythm, which helps to trigger off music in my mind. The natural landscape and the change in the weather and the seasons all act as a seasoning to my composing.

November Skies Music Video

Here is my new music video for ‘November Skies’. It was inspired by the positioning of birds on a telegraph wire outside my window, which looked like music notes, and from this I created the opening motif on the piano. Phil Aston has captured some stunning images of the starling murmurations over Marazion Marsh near […]

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Murderous Jam

Since sneaking too many chocolates from my children’s advent calendar, I decided to walk off the stodge and I embarked upon a twilight meander. Low grey clouds seemed to absorb all the ambient sounds, like a clump of cotton wool. The rich smell of wood smoke pervaded the air, and enticing thoughts of Christmas came […]

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Sue Aston Remembrance Music Video

This music video was filmed near to my home, where there is a lovely coastal village called Perranuthnoe in Cornwall. The video is quite ethereal, and captures the idea of thinking about our loved ones who are no longer with us, as well as reminiscing about the past. The track features my husband Phil Aston […]

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