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Downloads / CDs / DVD. You can download all my albums or get autographed CDs.

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Music for Your Production

I am available for commissions to compose original music for your media project wether it is for Film, TV, Theatre or Radio.

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Music Showreel

Listen to a small selection of my music, ideal for period and romantic dramas, nature programs and documentaries.

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Diary of a Coastal Composer - Blog

Most of my music writing comes about as a result of going on long walks along our coastal path in West Cornwall. The act of walking creates its own rhythm, which helps to trigger off music in my mind. The natural landscape and the change in the weather and the seasons all act as a seasoning to my composing.

Summer Memories

Here is a video which features my music ‘Earth Sorrow’, from my album Sacred Landscapes. The well-known guitarist, Gordon Giltrap, played midi guitar on the track, which creates a lovely atmosphere to the music. The melody was one of the first pieces of music I ever wrote – aged 17 at the piano, after going […]

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For the Love of Agnes – Work in Progress

I have extracted the piano performance of this new work in progress from the show it was featured in, about the ‘Tale of Two Giants’. I thought it would be good to have it as a stand alone video, so here it is! We are experiencing a heatwave in Cornwall at the moment – one […]

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Composer’s Notes – December 2017

As the final month of the year draws to a close, and the cosiness and chaos of Christmas is now behind us, it seems a good time to reflect and take stock of what this year has brought. It has been a busy year, filled with music performances and exciting opportunities. My string quartet did […]

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