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I am available for commissions to compose original music for your media project wether it is for Film, TV, Theatre or Radio.

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Diary of a Coastal Composer - Blog

Most of my music writing comes about as a result of going on long walks along our coastal path in West Cornwall. The act of walking creates its own rhythm, which helps to trigger off music in my mind. The natural landscape and the change in the weather and the seasons all act as a seasoning to my composing.

Composer’s Notes – March 2017

There is a fresh, fragrant feel in the air this month. A light fizzing sensation deep in your heart – the season is changing and spring is truly on its way. Pretty primroses decorate the dullest of hedgerows, their yellow or mauve faces nodding gently in agreement that warmer days are at last on the […]

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Composer’s Notes – February 2017

February – a time for storms here in Cornwall. A mixture of a month – hovering between the chills of winter, with the false promise of snow, and leaning further towards the gentle relief of spring. A time for germs and viruses too! I have been off my walking feet for over two weeks, and […]

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Composer’s Notes – Reflections of January

January – a month where, on first glance, all can appear to be dreary and lifeless. However, since the passing of the colour and bustle of the festive season, this month can be a necessary time for reflection, contemplation and stillness. A time to reconsider former activities and to plan strategies for the year ahead. […]

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