Summer Memories

Here is a video which features my music ‘Earth Sorrow’, from my album Sacred Landscapes.

The well-known guitarist, Gordon Giltrap, played midi guitar on the track, which creates a lovely atmosphere to the music.

The melody was one of the first pieces of music I ever wrote – aged 17 at the piano, after going through some turbulent teenage experience, no doubt! At least I turned it into a constructive piece of music when I was older!

Phil created the video by filming the bees busying themselves amongst the lavender in our garden recently, and the beach is our local beach at Perranuthnoe.

Sue Aston Remembrance Music Video

This music video was filmed near to my home, where there is a lovely coastal village called Perranuthnoe in Cornwall. The video is quite ethereal, and captures the idea of thinking about our loved ones who are no longer with us, as well as reminiscing about the past. The track features my husband Phil Aston on electric guitar, and I play piano, keyboards and violin.

I really hope you like it – it’s a favourite place of ours where we often go for a stroll in the evening! There will be more new music videos in production of the other tracks off the ‘Winter Keys’ EP too.

Music composed by Sue Aston

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My Interview on the BBC Heaven and Earth Show

This was filmed in 2005 I think!   I was interviewed by the well known travel journalist, Simon Calder. They were featuring ‘Saints and Sinners’ of Cornwall. My part came under the latter!

I was filmed at Roche Rock where there is the legend of Jan Tregeagle, a real nasty baddie if ever there was one! He sought sanctuary in the hermitage at Roche Rock, and this story led to me composing the track ‘Legend of Roche Rock’ off my album ‘Sacred Landscapes’.
The day of the filming was memorable in terms of the weather – it was overcast and cold – very fitting for this story!

The director wanted me to sit on top of a rock and play – it was a bit too windy for that, and the wind was blowing my bow all over the place! They very kindly placed a blanket on the rock for me to sit on – as there was a puddle of rain water where I was sitting!
Simon Calder was very kind, and kept offering me his jacket to wear in between shots!

Sue Aston