Seasonal Poetry – My December Poem

Here is my final poem for the year, inspired by St Michael’s Mount, near to where I live in Cornwall. Every year the castle is illuminated at Christmas, and it casts a magical glow in to the sea which surrounds the island. The people who work on the island live in the cottages at the foot of the hill. The castle shines out in the darkness, like a magical beacon, and is an awe inspiring sight to behold.

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Seasonal Poetry – My November Poem

My November Poem was inspired by watching dawn break in the sky while on a train journey. I had a very early start – 5.30am – and the sky went from pitch black, to purple, blue and gold as the sun rose.
I saw a silhouette of a hawthorn tree – it’s branches were twisted and looked dramatic against the colours of the sky. Hope you like it!

poetry from Cornwall by Sue Aston

Seasonal Poetry – My October Poem

The days are getting shorter, and dark evenings are upon us here in the Far West of Cornwall!

I love dahlia, and their gorgeous colours are very cheery at this time of year.

I hope you enjoy my poem and watercolour illustration.

Thank you – X

Cornwall postcard artist St Michaels Mount

Sunset at St Michael’s Mount Cornwall

I took a photo of my first ‘Seasonal Postcard’ before posting it out to one of my lovely Patrons! I created the painting using black ink with a watercolour wash. St Michael’s Mount is gorgeous at any time of year, but seeing an amazing sunset there this summer, I thought I would recreate it in my art work. It’s breathtaking seeing how the last rays of the setting sun hit the ocean. Now we are well into Autumn, I find myself more attracted to the burnt orange and deep red colours that I used in this watercolour, and I’m currently working more with gold ink in my art work as well as black.



January Poem

Here’s a wintery poem I wrote, which was inspired by the landscape at Marazion Marsh. I used watercolour washes for the background, and a dry brush technique to give the impression of reeds and marsh grass.

Marazion Marsh is a very popular location for ornithologists. People travel from miles around to set up with their cameras and get a glimpse of the birds there. It is an area rich in wildlife, and is a wonderful place to come and trudge in the mud and leave your cares behind.

The Marsh is situated on the mainland, opposite the island which houses St Michael’s Mount, and it is a direct contrast to the busy, bustling Mount, which is teaming with tourists during the summer months.

Sue Aston