My Interview on the BBC Heaven and Earth Show

This was filmed in 2005 I think!   I was interviewed by the well known travel journalist, Simon Calder. They were featuring ‘Saints and Sinners’ of Cornwall. My part came under the latter!

I was filmed at Roche Rock where there is the legend of Jan Tregeagle, a real nasty baddie if ever there was one! He sought sanctuary in the hermitage at Roche Rock, and this story led to me composing the track ‘Legend of Roche Rock’ off my album ‘Sacred Landscapes’.
The day of the filming was memorable in terms of the weather – it was overcast and cold – very fitting for this story!

The director wanted me to sit on top of a rock and play – it was a bit too windy for that, and the wind was blowing my bow all over the place! They very kindly placed a blanket on the rock for me to sit on – as there was a puddle of rain water where I was sitting!
Simon Calder was very kind, and kept offering me his jacket to wear in between shots!

Sue Aston


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The Freedom to Compose and Record

Since setting up my home studio, I have been able to create freely and without restraint.

I have worked with some fantastic producers in the past, and it has been a pleasure to have their input, but being able to record my work at home has meant that I can get my ideas down quickly, and work on my music whenever inspiration comes to me. Sometimes in the middle of the night!

As a classically trained musician, I studied the piano alongside my main instrument, the violin, as it was required in order for me to get a place at music college. Playing the piano as a solo instrument led to me writing a lot of my music as a result of improvising. What I love about the piano, is being able to play in a natural, fluid way, and in a commercial studio setting, I often felt that playing along to a click track was at odds to this, particularly when the music I was writing was atmospheric and soloistic in nature. Having my own piano at home – which I have played on since the age of twelve – feels comfortable when composing and recording. Many studio keyboards do not have the range of notes that a piano has, and having the use of two pedals to create an impressionist soundscape is also an important factor for me.

Nature and the landscape is an enormous source of inspiration for me, and musical ideas come quickly to me when I am able to tune into them. My studio at home is surrounded by a farmer’s field, and has views overlooking the hills. It is a wonderful base to work from – I just have to make sure the farmer isn’t driving his tractor when I’m trying to record, but that is a small price to pay!

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Winter Keys by Sue Aston

Winter Keys – Promo Music Video

First promo video for my ‘Winter Keys’ EP. This is my first release since ‘Between Worlds’. It features haunting music for piano, strings and guitars.
“The guitars lend an Opethian edge to November Skies” review

The EP is available to my Patrons now and will be available via ITunes this month. Enormous thanks to all my wonderful patrons for helping me to release my new EP. It has been so exciting to have their support, and know that I have a fabulous team cheering me on!

The video was filmed in Cornwall.

Sue Aston X

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A musical tribute to Irene Brodie

Dedicated to the memory of Irene Brodie – a kind, generous and special lady who touched so many hearts.
Irene was a huge supporter of all our music shows, and we will miss her terribly. Sue

Music Composed & performed by Sue Aston