composers notes november

I love the month of November. Although many may find it to be a dark and dismal month, I revel in the icy sharpness of the air. To me, the expansive sky is at it’s most beautiful – a glorious palette of hues, varying in intensity from the delicate reds and golds at sunrise to the rich purples and petrol blue haze which signals the end of the day. Flocks of birds gather at dusk and cast a dark cloak of activity in the air.

Cornwall is at rest – solitary walkers immerse themselves in the peace of the coastal path, and dog walkers enjoy the vast space of the beach. November is a time to brave the elements and bask in the rich bounty of nature. It is a raw, naked perfection. The trees are a mixture of bare skeletons or a shimmer of rich golden leafed glory.

My music lends itself naturally to piano compositions at this time – ‘November Skies’, and ‘Mizzling Marsh’ are two atmospheric solo piano pieces inspired by this time of year. Birds, trees and skies are my most favourite aspects of nature – it is a time of uncluttered beauty.

Sue Aston

Sue Aston Composer Diary