Cornwall composer

June is the time when summer properly starts here in Cornwall, with many holiday makers making their way down to the coast in order to recharge their burnt out batteries. As a family who originated from Birmingham, we were like that too – desperately saving up our funds to afford a few days away when we could manage it, until we finally made the brave decision to uproot ourselves and make Cornwall our home.

Once we had settled ourselves in our new life in Penzance, life took on a very different feel. Although we are thankfully very busy with work, there is more opportunity to take time to immerse oneself in the peace and stillness of the natural land and seascape.

A new place to visit and gain inspiration this month was the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens which is quite near to where we live. This is an amazing place which is a fusion of lush, exotic gardens harmonising with large pieces of art work. As well as impressive sculptures dotted about, an unusual feature was a skylight which gave a dazzling view of the ever changing sky. Did I also mention that the tea room here was outstanding?!

Another passion of mine (apart from tearooms and music!) is the ‘patchwork quilt’ colours of fields. I adore the vivid and contrasting shades of violent yellow set against earthy, reddish brown, alongside a vivid green. The variety of different sizes of geometric shapes are also fascinating – like torn up strips of colour glued together by strands of hedgerows.

As we move from this month and into the next, it is an opportunity to take time out, with manuscript paper and pencil, and create some musical motifs inspired by birdsong, the hush of the fragrant breeze, and the hum of the bees…

Sue Aston