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Inspirational Journey is the album which announced Sue Aston’s arrival as a most accomplished composer and performer. This imaginative musician, at the beginning of her publishing career, brings brightness, inspiration and poignancy to her compositions.

Her musical canvas is the big recurring themes of the Celtic Cornish landscape, which is informed and given context by the divergent moods prevalent in rural Cornish traditions.

The many faceted Celtic scene is pervaded by a feeling of mortal existence, love, transcendence and longing. The apparently narrow musical focus on Cornwall, it’s legends, it’s environment and rural traditions does not limit or hedge the auditory communication. On the contrary the music is full and sumptuous being at one melodious, lyrical and filled with atmosphere and mystery.

Sue Aston’s Celtic musical scene is not simply limited to looking into antiquity, neither is it restricted to bucolic distant views of granite headlands (though that is part of the musical experience) – rather it is one which fully satisfies the musical senses and stirs the imagination. The album is very well produced and the standard of musicianship is of the highest quality. An absolute delight to listen to! Be sure to to consider her wonderful DVD “Reflections of Cornwall” and the “Sacred Landscape” and “Between World” Albums.
John Penrose (Scilly)

Between Worlds. I first became acquainted with Sue Aston’s music with the release of her first CD, “Sacred Landscapes.” With each succeeding release she displays an ever-deepening connection with her homeland and its music, and displays more and more the consummate musician and composer she truly is. Sue describes her work as “Celtic music with a classical twist,” and that description definitely fits this album.

From the Biber-like passacaglia used in “Initial Bond” to the fabulous solo-violin fantasia “Hawthorne Tree” (which is reminiscent of the solo violin works of Bach, Vilsmayr, and Ysaye), “Between Worlds” betrays the work of a disciplined musician and composer. But while the music is structurally disciplined, even more it speaks from the heart and carries a highly emotional content, reflecting the artist’s love of her physical, familial, and spiritual surroundings.

Incorporating widely diverse musical styles in the 12 selections presented here, the album contains literally something pleasing to everyone’s musical palate. This is a collection worthy of serious study, but also a delight simply to lean back and listen to for sheer beauty and enjoyment.
John Craton (Bedford, IN USA)

Sacred Landscapes. This is my second Sue Aston album. Another must have in my opinion. Superb playing, mixing and composing, you can’t go wrong in buying this for your collection. The music flows in a mystical way and is great to listen to after a stressful day. Sue transports me away from the daily grind into a mystical world with wonderful melodies reflecting some of my favorite places in Cornwall. I can’t compare Sue’s music to anyone elses as it is very passionate and unique, every track is strong and well crafted in every respect. I look forward to the next release.
Richard ‘The book boy’