Please support me on Patreon, so that I can produce more online music shows, videos, new recordings and compositions. My recent EP ‘Winter Keys’ has been entirely funded by my patrons.


Your support will allow me to produce new music, and to broadcast in HD audio and video from my home in Cornwall.

Please join me on a musical journey through the natural landscape and be the first to hear my new compositions and get invites to my online shows from the comfort of your own home.

Depending on what you can pledge, your rewards can range from signed albums, new videos and behind the scenes footage.
I can even compose and dedicate a new piece of music especially for you!

I would like to thank Edna Piper, Jenny Weston, Paolo Ventre, Trevor Ashbolt and all my patrons for their generosity, kindness and support. They are a wonderful team who are a constant source of inspiration for me, providing me with feedback and encouragement every step of the way, as I do ‘my creative thing’!

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