Here is my final poem for the year, inspired by St Michael’s Mount, near to where I live in Cornwall. Every year the castle is illuminated at Christmas, and it casts a magical glow in to the sea which surrounds the island. The people who work on the island live in the cottages at the foot of the hill. The castle shines out in the darkness, like a magical beacon, and is an awe inspiring sight to behold.


  1. Jill doherty

    The poems are lovely,as so is the beautiful scenery. Happy new year

    • Sue Aston

      Hello Jill, thank you so much for dropping by and checking out my work – I’m so glad you enjoyed my poems, that is wonderful to hear! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Sarah by the Sea

    This is beautiful Sue! I really love the idea of poetry inspired by months and seasons 🙂 It gives me such wonderful tingles ^_^ There is something so enchanting about the passing seasons and their sense of nostalgia in England 🙂
    Gosh how wondrous and peculiar must it be to live on the mount in one of the cottages? <3 xxx

    • Sue Aston

      Thank you so much Sarah! I love nature and the changing seasons – and the extremes of weather we get down here! It makes everything seem real and vibrant. It must be amazing to live on the Mount – imagine when the weather is too bad for the boat to go across! You would need a huge fridge full of food! X

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