Episode 8 – March 22nd 2015

The Music

1. Nancy’s Garden from ‘Inspirational Journey’
2. Dan Aston performed his latest single ‘Lemonade Sea’


An update on ‘The Diary of a Coastal Composer’ project.

Fiddling With Food

Apple & Pear Pudding Cake

Words of Wonder

A reading from The Woman in Black by Susan Hill


Episode 7 – November 30th 2014

The show featured original music, ‘Fiddling with Food’ and literature.

The music

1. Holiburn’s Lament – new composition
2. Spanish Guitar by Lee Aston
3. Mazey Dazey (with Dan Aston )

Fiddling with Food

Christmas Chocolate Biscuits

Book Reading

The new adventure novel by Fiona Beddow ‘The Jasmine Portfolio’

Episode 6 – October 5th 2014

The show featured music, ‘Fiddling with Food’ featuring a lemon and orange drizzle cake, and a reading from the glorious ‘Cider with Rosie’ by Laurie Lee.

The music:

1. Bound in Gossamer Threads
2. Pale Jacket (Dan’s new single)
3. Dance of the Red Glove with Phil Aston Lee Aston Dan Aston

Sue Aston Special Edition – Interview with Author Fiona Beddow

The ‘Special Edition’ show is where I talk to fascinating and creative folk about what inspires their work.
In this first show, I chatted to the author Fiona Beddow about the inspiration behind her adventure novel, ‘Fierce Resistance’.
Fiona is also passionate about championing the rights and aspirations of girls around the world, and I found out more about the support she gives to Khushi Feet and Girlguiding UK.

Fiona Beddow Author of ‘Fierce Resistance’

“Breathlessly fast, and always pulling at your heartstrings, this book will remind you that you can achieve whatever you want…if you really want it.”

Hosted by:

Sue Aston Violinist, composer and supporter of the creative arts  and yes….there were show snacks!

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Episode 5 Sunday 17th August 2014

The show featured three of my original compositions, my fave summer reads and a celtic recipe for Bara Brith!
The fabulous Dan Aston also joined me too!

The music

  1. Forbidden City
  2. Bound in Gossamer Threads
  3. The Homecoming

Fiddling With Food – celtic recipe for Bara Brith

Episode 4 Sunday 22nd June 2014

The music

1. Nancy’s Garden
2. Elly’s Theme
3. Shake Your Feathers (Burlesque)
All originally from my album ‘Inspirational Journey’

The poetry

How ‘The Prelude’ by Wordsworth has influenced my composing.

Fiddling with Food

Cornish Rock Buns

Episode 3 Sunday 22nd April 2014

Episode 2 Sunday 27th March 2014

Episode 1 Sunday 2nd March 2014