“The natural landscape has always been my source of inspiration as a composer. This is the case for many artists and musicians. There is no other place like Cornwall in the whole world – it draws you to it and pulls you in. As a musician, I feel that the spirit of the Cornish landscape communicates through my music.”


Sue Aston : Winter Keys : Download

The new EP ‘Winter Keys’ features haunting music for solo piano, strings and guitars. The music was inspired by the bleak, solitary yet beautiful wintry landscape.

Available to download from CD Baby, or free if you subscribe to me on Patreon


Sue Aston : Between Worlds : CD / Download

“My music comes to me not only in the stillness of nature, but also in her wildest moments.
I can hear the strings in the branches of the trees, the melody within every crashing wave.
All I can do is try and capture what my heart perceives.”

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Sue Aston Inspirational Journey : CD / Download

‘I don’t think I can recall one album that has touched me so deeply as Inspirational Journey by Sue Aston.
Sue Aston’s violin playing reaches out with such emotion that I felt I was listening to the soundtrack of life itself. All aspects of life are here, from the village community of ‘Sketches of Newlyn, rural folklore with ‘Maypole Dance’ and the orchestral sweep of ‘Elly’s Theme.’ Richard Phillips

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Sue Aston Sacred Landscapes : CD / Download

Recording my first album ‘Sacred Landscapes’ took me on a journey that went far beyond my passion for the Celtic Landscape that inspired it. As a composer, I have absorbed a great deal of inspiration from the natural landscape, particularly the isolated areas of Celtic Cornwall which are rich in legend and folklore.

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Reflections of Cornwall : DVD

I was approached by Meteor Productions to create this DVD of my original music. Graham, the producer, had worked for many years on the music programme ‘The Tube’, and had lots of visual ideas to compliment my music. The videos went on to be broadcast on Classic FM TV and the Sky Classical music channel OMusic for many years. The Homecoming went viral on the internet and quickly received over one million views.

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Session Work


Andrew Downs : The Marshes of Glynn : Vinyl LP : 1986

Tenor – John Mitchinson
Birmingham Conservatoire Chorus and Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – Damian Cranmer

This work was composed to celebrate the Royal Opening of the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham in 1986.
Andrew’s intention here is to celebrate the beauty of Nature and to draw attention to how the natural world needs to be protected and appreciated.
The poem which this work features is ‘The Marshes of Glynn’, by the American poet Sidney Lanier. The theme, which runs throughout, is the concept of how man yearns for the beauty of the woods, sea and marshes amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, set against the backdrop of an urban environment. This perfectly reflects the composer’s feelings for the Adrian Boult Hall, which provides a cultural sanctuary in the heart of the City of Birmingham.

Andrew’s music always has the magical ability to send shivers down one’s spine, and the ‘Marshes of Glynn’ evokes this throughout. It is a breathtaking journey which takes the audience from a scene in the woods which border the marshes in the first movement, on to the expanse of the marshes in the second movement, and finally on to third movement, where the sea and the landscape meet. A truly awe inspiring work!

I played and actually sang on these recordings during my time as a student at Birmingham Conservatoire.

Andrew Downes is a wonderful composer, whose music encompasses an eclectic range of different styles and backgrounds.
Andrew won a choral scholarship to St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he gained an MA specialising in composition. He then went on to study at the Royal College of Music with Herbert Howells, and went on to become Head of the School of Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire. Andrew was awarded a professorship in 1992.


Centenary Firedances Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra : CD

Conductor – Jonathan Del Mar
This collection of five dances was originally composed for an open-air firework display, which was held at Cannon Hill Park to celebrate the centenary of the City of Birmingham.
The Firedances showcase Andrew’s ability to draw inspiration from a wide range of ethnic musical styles. The music is dynamic and exciting, featuring a large group of percussion instruments, which add a colourful and ecstatic atmosphere to the work, and which beautifully reflect the nature of the Centenary celebrations at that time.


The Liberty Thieves : Abandon Hope 12″ EP

I played in the String Quartet for this recording, and it was my first time playing as a session musician for a band, so I found the whole process very exciting!  ‘The Liberty Thieves’ were a young indie band, and their music was very melodic, haunting and rhythmic.


Shadows and Light : Joaquin Rodrigo at 90 : DVD

This documentary was filmed in Exeter cathedral and was broadcast on Channel 4. The producer was Larry Weinstein from Canada, and I was a violinist in Orchestra da Camera. I was excited to be involved in the making of this film, and recorded the programme when it was shown on TV. I went to play it back to show my Mum and my husband, Phil, had accidentally recorded over it! Some twenty years flew by, and I have at last got a copy of the DVD!



Gordon Giltrap Music For The Small Screen

I was delighted when Gordon invited me to be featured as a soloist on one of the tracks on this CD. I was trying out an electric violin in Gordon’s music shop, and he asked me to play on his album!

‘Music for the Small Screen’ features not only some of Gordon’s most popular music, but also some great musicians, such as Brian May, Midge Ure, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Neil Murray, and Hilary Ashe –Roy.

‘The Unbroken Promise’ was inspired by the violin concerto by Samuel Barber, and features a haunting violin melody, which is complimented by an elaborate flute solo, played by Hilary Ashe –Roy.
Gordon was commissioned to write this music by the BBC for the Screen 2 Drama ‘Close Relations’, which starred James Hazeldine from ‘London’s Burning’, and Clare Holman.


Chris De Burgh Quiet Revolution

On this CD, I formed part of the backing strings on four of the tracks – ‘The Same Sun’, ‘The Last Moments of the Dawn’, ‘You Look Beautiful’, and ‘Quiet Revolution’. We all went off to the recording studios in London for the day, and it was great fun, if not a little tense at times!
Playing on this album was both an exciting and enjoyable experience. It was a privilege to play on some great ballads by Chris De Burgh.




Cornish World CDs

Nigel Pengelly, the editor of Cornish World magazine described by music as ‘Celtic music for the Classically appreciative’ and featured my music on these compilation albums.


Noctorum : Honey Mink Forever : CD

I had recorded my album ‘Between Worlds’ with the top producer Dare Mason at the VIP Lounge studios. We worked well together, and I was delighted to play on this album by Noctorum, which comprises of Marty Willson – Piper (from The Church and All About Eve) and Dare. This is a great album, and love listening to it. I played on the track ‘Cry’, alongside my cellist friend, Becky McGlade.


 The Portraits : The Blushing of a World in White : CD

The Portraits are based in France, and are the husband and wife duo Lorraine and Jeremy Millington.  I recorded multiple string layers on this album, to create a full string quartet sound, along with Becky McGlade on cello. It was a fun album to help pull together, and I remember it being a cold day, and my violin felt freezing as I played it!



The Mind : Cold Daze : CD

I was approached by Clive Wakfer to play on the track ‘Pont des Arts’. It was a really fun and funky song, which he had written with his friend from Art college, Ian Turner. I think I recorded it in one take, and then had a cream tea shortly afterwards!


Annie Henry : Other Mothers’ Sons : Single

This is one of my most favourite songs of all time, it is beautiful and haunting, and was written by the singer/songwriter Annie Henry. Annie’s voice is gorgeous on this recording, and the song tells of the pain felt by mothers when their sons go off to fight in the war. I played multiple string parts on this song to create a full effect, and I enjoyed playing my solo, which floats over the top.


Shades of Blue : Carbon Footprint : CD

I played a solo on this recording which is a soul/pop song.  It’s a smooth, cool sounding song, and has a feel good factor!


Dick Twinney : Inspired by Cornwall : DVD

I love the nature inspired art work of Dick Twinney, and was delighted that he wanted to use my tracks ‘Crystal Waters’ and ‘Initial Bond’ on this DVD which features his life and work. Because we both have the Cornish landscape as our inspirations, we compliment each other’s work perfectly!