Composers Notes April

Spring is a season of hope – a looking to the future, with the anticipation of exciting new ventures to come. Despite the resolutions of New Year having long since been forgotten about, the year is still young enough to make something of – time enough to put plans into place!

Easter is a joyful time. Another substantial holiday to enjoy, and an opportunity to catch up with family near and far, and create new memories to cherish. all four of us Astons travelled to Solihull in the Midlands to visit our relatives, and I felt the familiar pang when it was time to leave and head back to Cornwall. Upon our return, the sharp, salty tang of the sea air served as an anaesthetic to soothe all pain away, and the sight of the icing sugar pale blue sea, calm and flat, seeped into my thoughts, and I was glad to be back home again.

The blossoms are in full flow – the dainty white flowers of the May blossom dramatically ignite life into the dead twigs, and, like a shower of stars, remind me of the promise of life after death. All that is dormant is coming alive. Delicate pink flowers of the apple tree are breathtaking with their shock of candy floss blossom.

Sudden icy showers are a surprise, but soon give way to the gentle rays of the sun dappling the winding country lanes. Near the coast, clusters of sea pinks decorate the craggy rocks – little tufts of magic surviving with little it seems to hold on to or to nourish them. Gorgeous gardens proudly reveal the vibrant beauty of rhododendrons and magnolias. The camellia also continue to bloom with incredible longevity.

And so I turn my thoughts to my creativity. A special moment this month was completing the final video for the tracks on my ‘Winter Keys’ EP. I was delighted to be able to capture my two sons – Dan and Lee – who played guitar on my ‘January Song’ track. A precious moment indeed.

Sue Aston

Sue Aston Composer