Composers Journal December 2017

As the final month of the year draws to a close, and the cosiness and chaos of Christmas is now behind us, it seems a good time to reflect and take stock of what this year has brought.

It has been a busy year, filled with music performances and exciting opportunities. My string quartet did some filming for Sky TV and my duo was involved in the making of a programme for channel 4. We have performed at music festivals, corporate events and weddings. It is always a joy to play for people and to bring happiness to an event.

For my composing work, I have realised that a new album is needed! Thanks to the support and generosity of my patrons, I have been able to create a whole new album worth of new music! I had planned to release a new downloadable EP, but I think what people really want is a full length, physical CD to hold and to enjoy playing. It will include the tracks off my ‘Winter Keys’ EP as well as the tracks that were to be on my new EP, as well as all the music that I created on location for my ‘Diary of a Coastal Composer’ shows.

The support and belief that you, my patrons have given me is immeasurable. I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you. When times have seemed bleak, knowing that you are there, willing me to keep going with creating music has been an absolute lifeline, and a light in the darkness. Thank you. Here’s to a productive new year

Sue X

Sue Aston Journal Dec 2017