Cornwall Composer May 2017

The merry month of May, and a time of year when life seems to accelerate! This is always the time of year when it can feel as though I am spinning many musical plates!

Much of the planning which took place in the previous year seems to all at once bear fruit. Musical performances and recording sessions are in full flow, and it requires a clear head to ensure that everything ticks along smoothly and that preparations are adequately put in place.

Moreover, I find myself greatly inspired by the gentle warmth in the air, and the way the sunlight streams through the window when I play the piano first thing in the morning. Like nurturing a new plant, musical ideas take seed in my mind and I find the urge to get stuck into creating new compositions. All my activities need to have enough time apportioned to them and it is necessary not to let distractions in!

A new composition that I started for my patron, Edna, really starts to come alive – maybe I should add this new piece of music to my EP too?! This is also a perfect time of year for filming – I have ideas for new music shows and videos too! Sometimes, I can feel my mind pulsing and racing in equal measures. Mindfulness is a tool which helps me to take a step back from this hive of creative chaos – calm, cool headed planning and copious notes are the way forward!

Swimming is a great way to focus the mind, and divert the raised energy in the body in a positive way, as is a walk around my local National Trust garden, ‘Trengwainton’.

There is so much beauty in Cornwall, that my mind runs riot. An abundance of inspiration – not only in the landscape, but also in the tea rooms!

Composers notes May 2017

Sue Aston

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