composers notes october
The essence of winter is in the air – the comforting smell of smoke tickles one’s nostrils when going on a country walk, as cosy fires in hearths are being lit.

The abundance of colourful pumpkins and squash are readily available as farmers proudly sell their exotic looking harvest. Warming soups and casseroles replace salads to revive and nourish us at the end of a busy day! Nature displays her glory in shades of burnished gold and ruby red. Hedgerows are alive and bursting with a bounty of berries to feed the wildlife. The metallic gleam of the sun reflecting on the sea and sand stirs the spirit, and the starlings begin to gather, which warms the heart with feelings of anticipation and hope.

It has been another busy month – my new EP is now in the stages of being mixed and will then be sent to London to be mastered. Next, I must choose a title and decide upon the artwork. It all seems to take a frustratingly long time! This month has led to another exciting filming opportunity, this time with my Duo, where we were asked to provide the music for a celebration at a manor house, which was the subject of a documentary for Channel 4! The opportunities which occur are so incredible, particularly as I live in a remote part of the country – but Cornwall is such a vibrant place, full of interesting and unusual events taking place.

As the nights draw in, there is much to look forward to – wooly socks and damson gin are the way forward to keep out the chill of the season!

Sue Aston

Sue Aston Composers Notes